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With a passion for helping others with their health and well-being in a gentle, caring way, and over seven years professionally treating clients, I thoroughly enjoy my chosen field of work. I continue to treat in the modalities I love, Bowtech Bowen Therapy and Oncology Massage, as these modalities are gentle, therapeutic, calming, kind and proven to have great overall benefits to my clients. 

We are currently living through some challenging times with our health, lifestyle, mindset with our mind, body and soul being affected - physically, mentally and spiritually. These therapies are a brilliant way of slowing our bodies down, and treating ourselves in a way we deserve, to bring optimal health back into our lives.

Throughout the years I have been treating with Bowen especially I have been continually amazed at how effective and beneficial Bowen truly is and how easily it addresses specific symptoms. I have treated people of all ages with Bowen from infants to those in their nineties with brilliant results and my oncology clients also love and benefit from it. Even if you do not have any particular injury or ailment Bowen is a very effective way of keeping your body in a state of homeostasis or balance, both inside and out.

I encourage my clients to "live their best life" and feel very privileged to assist them along this path.

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